Health and taste benefits of  the Cona



The taste of your coffee can vary depending on the surfaces of your coffee machine pot.

Metal pots can leach metallic elements into your coffee effecting its taste, and

your health. Stainless steel can leach chromium, nickel, molybdenum, titanium,

aluminium and carbon steel. Aluminium alone has been linked to Alzheimer's



Some people like to condition their coffee pots. This helps reduce the metallic

taint by coating the surfacewith coffee residue. Coffee pots should not be

conditioned. The stale coffee residue will degrade the taste of the freshly made

coffee. Pots should be thoroughly cleaned.

The Cona is made from glass including the permanent filter and the coffee dose not

come into contact with any other material whilst infusing. Glass has no micro grain

structure therefore cannot trap coffee whilst in use, making it easy to clean. No

metallic taint, no stale coffee taste.